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Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, the guys behind the fanciful line Frankie Morello, don’t have any problem coming up with new ideas, which isn’t surprising given their high level of creativity, as well as their interdisciplinary (and increasingly popular) approach to fashion. Their experience in theater and architecture shows not just in their collections, but also in their new Milan flagship store, which opened just a few days ago in time for Fashion Week.

While on first take the store looks traditional, it’s actually fully transformable. Inspired by artist Jorge de Oteiza, Modica and Gigliotti assembled 2,800 pieces of furniture to create eight big “boxes” within the space. These gigantic mobile trunks can be moved according to the change of seasons and use of the store. What’s more, they have an oak infrastructure covered with fabric, which can be replaced every season—the retail space can thus be dressed like a customer. “We find it fun to be able to dress a boutique that sells clothing and from this concept came the idea of changing the lining of the furniture as we see fit,” they tell CH.

“We like the idea of having created a place that is not just a container for objects, but also a container for emotions and that can become a location for happenings and exhibitions. We designed the space to be usable by those who live the city and not only those who come to Milan or to the center to shop”.

The project, a joint one with BPM Studio, more than hints at irony—great news in a time when fashion sometimes takes itself too seriously. Mixing it up with elements of Diesel’s bravery and Fiorucci’s passion for the unexpected, the result is clearly Italian, absolutely original, concretely surreal and totally contemporary.