Arnaud Loumeau at WOKstore

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The latest show at WOKstore, a space in Milan devoted to art and fashion, is dedicated to the French artist and illustrator Arnaud Loumeau. Born in Poitiers 30 years ago, he currently lives in Toulouse and is passionate about the Fluxus movement, as well as op and primitive art. Influences including Mexican and Indian cultures, along with video games and pixel culture figure prominently in his dreamy handmade graphics.

The curator of the show, Simona Citarella, tells CH that looking at Loumeau’s drawings “feels like you find yourself in a robot mind, who is having a kaleidoscopic dream with his monsters and aliens friends spacing in a chessboard game. They are full of dazzling and vibrant colors playing together for impressing your retina.”

Working mostly on graph paper Loumeau says he uses bright markers because they’re easy to use and he’s fascinated by their colors.