Il Sistema Degli Oggetti

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Borrowed from the 1968 revolutionary book—”The System of Objects”—written by sociologist Jean Baudrillard, Italian fashion label Il Sistema degli Oggetti conceptually links to the French master by creating fashion-forward clothing designed to last.

The ambitious young designers aim to “create an encyclopedia of clothing,” each with their underlying value that “every garment has the ambition of living forever.” Their approach reinvents the classic wardrobes of men and women by redesigning the proportions of parkas, blouses, aprons, trousers, culottes and tabards.

Their goals may sound ruthless, but the resulting well-defined collection, entirely made in Italy and based on the ideas of sexless style, daily uniforms and exciting ordinariness makes for a surprisingly wearable line.

Concerned about the impact of social consumerism, founders Caterina Coccioli, Anna Lottersberger and Alessandro Manzi hope to put value and culture into the high fashion vocabulary, an industry usually more concerned with trends than sustainability.

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Il Sistema degli Oggetti
Via Mauro Macchi, 26
20124 Milan, Italy map
tel. +39 02 40047085