Gum Salon

My new article from Cool Hunting

Named for a ’50s brand of pomade, Gum is a trio of hairstylists playing off the gravity-defying greaser hairstyles to come up with looks suited for the modern man. The salon, located in Milan’s fashionable Ticinese area, mixes the old-school aesthetic and vintage furnishings with quality cuts and clever ‘dos that go far beyond the rockabilly pompadour.

The stylists each focus on their individual talents—with Alice scheduling appointments, Stefano cutting hair and Monica applying color, Gum tailors each style for each client’s hair type. Through collaborations with photographers and make-up artists, Gum has steadily built a large presence in the fashion and music industries in the few years since it opened.

On a recent visit to Gum, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the experience. A cozy atmosphere, no more than two customers at once, a welcome drink, wi-fi—not to mention dedicated time for choosing the right style and a head massage with perfumed balms—Gum provides an altogether deep, personal and flawless experience.