On Set With Aston Martin

My new article from Cool Hunting

Like many brands, where car manufacturers once relied on lifelong customers, changing market factors (globalization as a whole, the Internet, etc.) has empowered buyers to venture beyond local car lots to find an automobile that truly speaks to their needs and desires. While Aston Martin‘s reputation for luxurious motoring may be enough, at nearly a century old, the manufacturer hopes to engage a new generation of drivers with its series of interactive films centered around their new Rapide. (See the full story on the four-door sports car on CH here.)

To check out how Aston Martin’s Marketing Director Markus Kramer and his staff are creating something beyond a cliché TV commercial, I recently traveled on the brand’s invitation to Lisbon where the team was busy shooting the trio of 90-second videos. The creative mind behind the project, James Temple of digital agency R/GA explained that the genesis of the project is “True Power Should Be Shared,” with each film highlighting four people on a mission to deliver a time capsule from Lisbon to Zurich. Recognizing the limited amount of time the Aston Martin client has, the work aims to show how time is one of the most precious commodities today.

On set, there was some mystery as to how the narrative will develop, but I learned that the script is broken down into three separate stories which will launch in three segments beginning next month to make one complete short film come February 2011. To keep its audience fully engaged and interacting with the brand, Aston Martin placed clues throughout each film that can be cracked for a chance to win prizes associated with not only themselves, but the partner brands within the film.

Read more about my exciting behind-the-scenes experience after the jump, and see more images from the shoot in the gallery below.