My new article from Cool Hunting

The three young partners behind Oslo-based furniture studio Mokasser—Karl Marius Sveen, Roger Sveian and Paul Van Wonderen—keep their business entirely local by designing and producing their collection all in Norway.

With a nationwide decrease in furniture manufacturing, Marius tells Cool Hunting, “Lots of manufacturers are moving a big part of their production out of Norway to survive and to compete with prizes. Mokasser is still able to manufacture all parts in Norway, mostly because of being a high-end company, with good finishes and a focus on quality in every product. We also have a close and constant contact with the customers, trying to meet their needs regarding choice of upholstery.”

Thanks to their education and experience, the group has a strong background in the Norwegian furniture industry. The clean shapes and the playful colors of each product however, are the work of Nora FuruholmenChristian SætherRoger Sveian, Permafrost and Karl Marius Sveen.



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