Making Louboutin

A few months ago I was in Naples for a rare occasion to visit one of the factories that make men’s shoes for Christian Louboutin. I love to witness the making of things, in particular when it comes to handmade stuff.

In the past few days the official Louboutin Homme Instagram account is showcasing some of the pics I took at the factory. Seeing those wise hands at work, in the act of transforming those precious materials into pure beauty, makes me live once again those wonderful days. And understand why #CLLovesNapoli.

If this is not enough and you want to read the full story I wrote for Cool Hunting, just follow this link.

Simon Denny: Watching Videos Dry

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Currently exhibiting the powerful work of Simon Denny, in the scope of young Italian art galleries,T293 Gallery in Naples, is one of the most promising. Owners and curators Paola Guadagnino and Marco Altavilla constantly search for artists able to convey strong ideas, not just style, which Denny does successfully with his installation “Watching Videos Dry.”

Dedicated to the stages of drunkenness, including Euphoria, Lethargy, Confusion, Stupor, Coma, Hangover, the whole of the installation itself represents the seventh stage an signifies that everything is in progress in Denny’s world. The fact that some of these works are replicas of previous pieces exhibited at the Luettgenmeijer Gallery in Berlin, while others are the prototypes for other upcoming installations, underlines the sense of perpetuity in his concept.

Born in 1982 in Auckland, New Zealand, Denny now lives and works in both Auckland and Frankfurt. Seemingly the perfect successor to the work of Marcel Duchamp, Denny’s bi-dimensional readymade sculptures (like those that use Ikea tables and video cassettes) make us feel like we are in front of TV screens.

Noise & the City


Le nostre città sono macchine gigantesche per la produzione di rumore, ma anche il rumore può avere un suo stile, delle caratteristiche che – messe in fila – creano una serie di segni riconoscibili. Forse anche riproducibili. Non si tratta solo di maggiore o minor volume, ma di suoni diversi che si alzano e si abbassano, come in un’orchestra.

Milano ha alti e bassi improvvisi, persino dolorosi. Roma e Napoli sono costantemente chiassose, ti ci abitui molto rapidamente. Parigi è un tweeter, produce una specie di sibilo continuo. Londra è un woofer, emette quasi solo bassi. New York è tornado roboante, ti assorda e ti stordisce.

Sarebbe bello vedere l’effetto che fa riprodurre i suoni di una città in quella sbagliata.